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Frequently Asked Questions

Isthmus Project offers two mechanisms of support for innovators

  • Healthcare Product Development Support

Guidance and expert one-on-one support when you need it, where you need it.

  • Investment Dollars

Monetary support for products deemed commercially viable through our diligence process.

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Submit an Idea

Isthmus Project offers expert one-on-one support when you need it, where you need it. Innovators are welcome to connect with us at any point in the process, from idea conception all the way to investment funding rounds. Simply complete our submission form and someone from our team will reach out with additional information to get things started.

Submit an Idea

The intake meeting is a great way for innovators to share non-proprietary information about their innovative healthcare solution. Sometimes innovators prefer to simply chat through ideas, other times they prefer to present a more thorough slide deck, and sometimes they use a combo of delivery methods. The more robust the info, the easier it is for Isthmus Project to conceptualize and plan. We use this info to help guide the initial exploratory conversation and determine whether or not Isthmus Project is a good fit for your project, and if so, next best steps to take.

Yes, we keep your idea confidential. Initial meetings do NOT require sharing of proprietary info (unless innovators choose to do so). However, as projects progress, there are natural points when it becomes necessary to disclose additional information for the next stage of development. At those times, Isthmus Project can help guide innovators through the process in order to appropriately time and disclose proprietary info.

Isthmus Project has basic requirements for the projects we invest in. At baseline, the product must aim to achieve better health outcomes or solve problems facing patients, providers, or the health system at large, AND have a UW affiliate to champion the idea. Isthmus Project then initiates a comprehensive diligence process to determine whether or not a product has commercial potential and the likelihood for a favorable return. If so, Isthmus Project can partner with innovators to move ideas forward.

Isthmus Project’s diligence process consists of in-depth explorations into various aspects of the proposed product, to include technical and business feasibility, validating assumptions with internal and external experts, and thoroughly assessing for commercial potential.

Isthmus Project typically offers between $100,000 – $500,000 per investment. Investment amounts are specific to each project and vary according to diligence process outcomes. In most cases, Isthmus Project also requires taking an active role throughout the progression of the project.

Isthmus Project works closely with Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF) when WARF is managing the innovator’s Intellectual Property. Isthmus Project also has the ability to work with innovators whose Intellectual Property is not held with WARF.

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